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Packaged Drinking Water


Packaged Drinking Water

Water is a key to social equity to environmental stability and to cultural diversity. If one goes back to the culture of ancient times, with all the great religions of the world, it will be seen that water is much more than an economic issue. Water is directly linked with spiritual values, with respect to mankind towards nature. Water is also firmly linked with health. According to the estimate of World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of all diseases - approximately 25 million deaths per year - in the developing countries are caused by contaminated water.

Pure and safe drinking water has always been a necessity. Traditionally, pipe water distributed by the municipalities has been the trusted water supply for drinking purposes. In the earlier days, water available from the wells and springs used to be considered safe and was stored in earthen pots or brass containers. This water was considered safe for

drinking and serving to guests and visitors. The tradition and style of serving drinking water, in India, has however changed quite drastically during the last decade. Almost a decade ago, the introduction of bottled water or “packaged mineral water” has changed the tradition of serving and consuming drinking water. This has ushered in very strongly, the use of polymers or plastics as materials for water storage and distribution.

Today, packaged drinking water is an industry in India. This is a growing market in India as quality consciousness among the consumers is on the rise. Every year an estimated 800 million litres of bottled water are marketed in plastics and the demand continues to grow. Besides bottled water, there is also a large market for plastic pouches.

At the global level, packed water industry is considered as a significant contributor in the beverage industry. It is the fastest growing beverage industry and volume growthfor the year 2001 stood at 8%, making it the best performing of all soft drinks on the world stage.Among several other factors, general trend towards a healthier lifestyle is the key attribute.

In India, the quality of drinking water is very poor in comparison to other countries. Treatment of water is required for purification. To produce high quality drinking water as prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO), conventional processing methods like coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, ion exchange, filtration and oxidation etc. are not sufficient. A combination of reverse osmosis and deionization can be used to produce high quality water.

The revolution of the last few decades has promoted fast and efficient ways of demand of water on a global scale. We at Karni Groups have marketize and reduce the demand into a Global Village, with the ultimate aim of furthering business through our Business & Franchise Network.

Karni Groups is in the process of setting up a wide network of Franchise and infrastructure across the country down to grass root level to make itself the largest network of business. We would promote products through our Sales Centers across the country throughout the year. Information and opportunity would be available at each Centre of our network. These promotions use a fusion of conventional and the latest power tools. And with this unique feature, we strive to bridge the gap among the customer, corporate, urban and rural masses.

With the boom in Water Industry, a large number of infrastructures were established all over the country in the last decade. Most of the people started related activities to do business but only some of them could succeed in their goal. We at Karni Groups are also looking for those persons who are already in kind of business and desirous to achieve much more and retail knowledgeable persons to associate with us under our Associate Programme.

As our Associate Programme requires small investment and existing infrastructure, there is no question of any risk of loss. Therefore, it is a unique offer for the people to start business with small investment. To know in detail about our Associate Programme and different types of Associates (Distribution, Franchisee and Master Franchisee), Revenue Resource Model and Financial Analysis, you please contact us.

In this way, our Associate Programme is also extremely beneficial for those who think of establishing infrastructures to start business. Once you become our Associate, you have nothing to worry but only prospect of gain. As we provide quality produce & services, there is a vast scope of generating resources for Associates by doing business under all sections of our services.

In order to centralize all activities at one place and provide the world class business opportunity and information to customers, corporate, urban and rural masses, Karni Group has come out in the market to promote the business of one and all.

Key Benefits

Market Study
Through our resources and relationships with several agencies all over the country, we are in touch with the ongoing development of each market, hence are in a good position to make a good decision to expand in your market of interest

Feasibility Study
With our years of experience we will be able to understand the market and the return expected, hence are in a position to consult you on several key decisions, such as; market study, return on investments based on the above.

Established Quality And Name

Karni Group has followed the oldest rule in the books, "Take care of the quality and the business will take care of itself", “Quality returns itself”, hence, today we have a best quality product and will build on the brand recognition in every market.

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