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Tobacco constitutes nearly 75% of the total tobacco growing area in West Bengal. It is grown mainly in northern districts i.e. Cooch Bihar and Jalpaiguri as rabi crops. Bulk of the trade in this area depends on this type of tobacco, primarily used for hookah and chewing purposes. Bitri and Hemti are the two types grown in this zone. Bitri is relatively short duration, early type with smaller leaf, whereas Hemti is a long duration, late types with bigger leaves.

Researches on varietal improvement were carried out and a brief description of the released varieties are given below.

Tabacum Tobacco

Tabacum Tobacco (7V. tabacum) is confined to Cooch Bihar district and occupies an area of about 4,000 ha. It grown on the banks of river Singimari. Sandy soils with good supplement of organic manure are selected for ideal production.

Chemical Characteristics :

   Nitrogen (%) : 2.8 - 4.2
   Nicotine (%) : 3.0 - 6.0
   Calcium (%) : 2.2 - 3.4

Physical Characteristics :

Color Medium to heavy bodied and light brown to dark brown in color.

Tobacco Leaves

We provide various qualities of raw Tobacco Leaves for use in diffrent type of tobacco industry.

Hookah Tobacco

We have very good quality of tobacco for premaration of hookah tobacco. Our Hookah Tobacco have a strong flavour and smooth blend.

Tobacco Flakes

We are offering Tobacco Flakes. We have proper machineries & plant to process tobacco leaf flakes (Dana) whcih is basically used in prepration of khaini.

Tobacco Dust

We have our own processing facilities to prepare Tobacco Dust of various mesh and requirements of customers.

Gul-Tobacco Dentifrice

We supply tobacco dust for manufacturer of Gul (Tobacco Dentifrice). It is of very fine mesh, strong aroma and flavour.

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